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New Wave Dorm Room Area Rugs Collection
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Hand-tufted by expert artisans using a special blend of the highest quality Chinese wools, these rugs have the softest of hands and a shine that is unsurpassed. Many New Wave designs feature hand carving for added depth and a Tibetan-like weave, mostly found in hand-knotted rugs, but expertly achieved in these hand-tufted pieces.
Nw-001 Beige
Nw-001 Black
Nw-001 Blue
Nw-001 Burgundy
Nw-002 Assorted
Nw-002 Blue
Nw-003 Gold
Nw-003 Olive Grn
Nw-004 Ivory
Nw-005 White
Nw-006 Assorted
Nw-006 Black
Nw-006 Blue
Nw-006 Gold
Nw-006 Pomegranat
Nw-007 Ivory
Nw-009 Black
Nw-009 Brown
Nw-012 Beige
Nw-012 Purple
Nw-013 Navy
Nw-013 Sand
Nw-014 Classic
Nw-015 Assorted
Nw-017 Assorted
Nw-018 Charcoal
Nw-019 Assorted
Nw-019 Wine
Nw-022 Black
Nw-022 Green
Nw-022 Ivory
Nw-022 Lt.brown
Nw-022 Pastel
Nw-022 Plum
Nw-022 Pomegranat
Nw-023 Grey
Nw-025 Assorted
Nw-030 Navy
Nw-031 Ivory
Nw-032 Assorted
Nw-033 Black
Nw-034 Gold
Nw-035 Assorted
Nw-036 Olive Grn
Nw-037 Assorted
Nw-037 Black
Nw-037 Pink
Nw-037 Teal
Nw-042 Assorted
Nw-043 Blue
Nw-048 Black
Nw-048 Sand
Nw-049 Assorted
Nw-050 Black
Nw-050 Red
Nw-051 Natural
Nw-054 Blue
Nw-058 Beige
Nw-061 Assorted
Nw-062 Assorted
Nw-067 Wine
Nw-068 Sage
Nw-069 Orange
Nw-070 Red
Nw-071 Assorted
Nw-071 Natural
Nw-072 Black
Nw-074 Assorted
Nw-075 Black
Nw-077 Ivory
Nw-078 Brown
Nw-080 Plum
Nw-080 Teal
Nw-081 Rust
Nw-082 Teal
Nw-084 Assorted
Nw-086 Lt.brown
Nw-087 Red
Nw-088 Green
Nw-088 Grey
Nw-088 Lavender
Nw-088 Turquoise
Nw-089 Wine
Nw-090 Assorted
Nw-091 Assorted
Nw-092 Blue
Nw-093 Rust
Nw-095 Ivory
Nw-096 Grey
Nw-097 Assorted
Nw-101 Black
Nw-101 Ivory
Nw-101 Sage
Nw-102 Assorted
Nw-102 Taupe
Nw-103 Black
Nw-107 Burgundy
Nw-107 Sage
Nw-108 Pomegranat
Nw-109 Assorted
Nw-131 Assorted
Nw-132 Black
Nw-133 Blue
Nw110 Cheetah
Nw112 Assorted
Nw113 Assorted
Nw114 Black
Nw114 Brown
Nw114 Chocolate
Nw116 Ivory
Nw117 Ivory
Nw118 Confetti
Nw118 Earth
Nw119 Black
Nw119 Purple
Nw120 Earth
Nw120 Mushroom
Nw121 Assorted
Nw125 Chocolate
Nw125 Steel
Nw126 Black
Nw127 Black
Nw127 Spice
Nw128 Concrete
Nw128 Gotham
Nw129 Steel
Nwc-1 Copper
Nwc-1 Grey
Nwc-1 Mocha
Nwc-1 Pomegranat
Nwc-1 Sage
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