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Pelham Cream Dorm Room Area Rug
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Beautiful Pelham Cream Manhattan Area Rugs from United Weavers. Inexpensive but nice rugs for college dorm rooms.

6-Color BCF Incorporated Olefin
Rich Elegant Luster & Long-Lasting Durability
Stain, Soil, Odor and Fade Resistant
Maintain with Simple Brushing or Vaccum
Ideal for today's active lifestyles
Tags: Inexpensive College Dorm Room Area Rugs manhattan pelham cream
Size Price
1'10" X 3' $15.00 Buy Now
1'11" X 7' 4" $23.00 Buy Now
3'11" X 5'3" $30.00 Buy Now
5'3" X 7'6" $69.00 Buy Now
7'10" X 10'6" $143.00 Buy Now
Pelham Cream
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