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Silkwood Taupe Dorm Room Area Rug
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6-Color Multi-Mega Point Twisted Heatset Olefin
Rich Elegant Luster & Long-Lasting Durability
Stain, Soil, Odor and Fade Resistant
Maintain with Simple Brushing or Vacuum
Ideal for today's active lifestyles

Beautiful Silkwood Taupe Nadeen Area Rugs from United Weavers. Elegant and diverse collection with rich deep warm colors.
Tags: Beautiful Elegant Area Rugs with Rich Warm Deep Colors. nadeen silkwood taupe
Size Price
1'11" X 7' 4" $91.00 Buy Now
5'3" X 7'6" $215.00 Buy Now
7'10" X 10'6" $455.00 Buy Now
Silkwood Taupe
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