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•Collection: Contours
•Brand: United Weavers
•Material: 100% Synthetic (olefin/polypropylene)
•Weave: Machine Made
•Styles: Contemporary
•Origin: Saudi Arabia
•Available in the following sizes: 5' x 7' 6" and 7' 10" x 10' 6"

United Weavers offers a wide selection of inexpensive rugs for any decor. You will find contemporary designs and south western patterns, wildlife themes, kitchen looks, florals and more. Each rug is available in an assortment of sizes at a price you can easily afford.

Avalon Burgundy
Avalon Smoke Blue
Avalon Terracotta
Avalon Toffee
Basil Burgundy
Basil Chocolate
Blaze Green
Blaze Onyx
Blaze Terracotta
Calypso Burgundy
Calypso Cream
Calypso Smoke Blue
Calypso Terracotta
Calypso Toffee
Camryn Beige
Camryn Burgundy
Camryn Green
Cascades Burgundy
Cascades Chocolate
Cha Cha Beige
Cha Cha Cream
Cha Cha Onyx
Cha Cha Smoke Blue
Dahlia Chocolate
Dahlia Onyx
Dahlia Terracotta
Dashen Smoke Blue
Dashen Terracotta
Dazzle Cream
Dazzle Onyx
Demetria Chocolate
Demetria Onyx
Dojo Terracotta
Dojo Toffee
Electra Beige
Electra Burgundy
Electra Chocolate
Electra Onyx
Electra Smoke Blue
Giselle Beige
Giselle Burgundy
Giselle Onyx
Hawthorn Smoke Blue
Hawthorn Terracotta
La-chic Beige
La-chic Burgundy
La-chic Chocolate
La-chic Cream
La-chic Onyx
La-chic Terracotta
Lotus Burgundy
Lotus Smoke Blue
Marquette Onyx
Marrakesh Smoke Blue
Marrakesh Terracotta
Marrakesh Toffee
Megatron Beige
Megatron Green
Megatron Onyx
Megatron Smoke Blue
Megatron Terracotta
Mondavi Burgundy
Mondavi Smoke Blue
Mondavi Terracotta
Orbit Beige
Orbit Burgundy
Orbit Onyx
Orbit Smoke Blue
Orbit Terracotta
Oria Burgundy
Orleans Beige
Orleans Blue
Orleans Burgundy
Orleans Green
Painted Diamond Beig
Painted Dimd Sm Blue
Painted Dimnd Burgun
Painted Dimnd Onyx
Painted Dimnd Toffee
Pebbles Smoke Blue
Pebbles Terracotta
Piper Smoke Blue
Piper Terracotta
Ratchet Burgundy
Ratchet Chocolate
Ratchet Smoke Blue
Ratchet Terracotta
Reflections Onyx
Reflections Smk Blue
Ritz Burgundy
Ritz Cream
Ritz Onyx
Ritz Smoke Blue
Ritz Terracotta
Salsa Burgundy
Spiral Canvas Beige
Spiral Canvas Burgun
Spiral Canvas Chocol
Spiral Canvas Onyx
Spiral Canvas Terrac
Starscape Beige
Starscape Chocolate
Starscape Onyx
Starscape Terracotta
Starscape Toffee
Tango Chocolate
Tango Cream
Tango Onyx
Urban Angles Beige
Urban Angles Burgund
Urban Angles Green
Urban Angles Smk Blu
Urban Angles Toffee
Vertigo Burgundy
Vertigo Smoke Blue
Vertigo Toffee
Wild Thing Beige
Wild Thing Burgundy
Wild Thing Chocolate
Wild Thing Cream
Wild Thing Onyx
Wild Thing Terracott
Woven Curves Green
Woven Curves Sm Blue
Woven Curves Terraco
Woven Curves Toffee
Zaga Beige
Zaga Chocolate
Zaga Cream
Zaga Onyx
Zaga Smoke Blue
Zara Green
Zara Onyx
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