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Elements Dorm Room Area Rugs Collection
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Capturing all that is modern, Elements utilizes a brilliant color palette to enhance its contemporary edge. Power loomed of 100% New Zealand wool, each rug features a hand made finish consisting of hand-serged edges and hand-carving. It is this attention to detail that makes this collection truly unique.
El-01 Assorted
El-02 Assorted
El-03 Assorted
El-04 Assorted
El-05 Assorted
El-06 Ivory
El-07 Assorted
El-09 Black
El-09 Brown
El-09 Ivory
El-09 Sage
El-10 Black
El-10 Brown
El-10 Ivory
El-11 Assorted
El-12 Sage
El-13 Black
El-17 Assorted
El-18 Brown
El-19 Black
El-20 Black
El-20 Brown
El-21 Grey
El-22 Ivory
El-23 Burgundy
El-26 Brown
El-27 Black
El-27 Grey
El-29 Grey
El-29 Ivory
El-30 Charcoal
El-31 Charcoal
El-32 Assorted
El-34 Gold
El-34 Grey
El-34 Ivory
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