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Gramercy Dorm Room Area Rugs Collection
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Gramercy is collection of open-backed hand-loomed rugs which carry the look of higher-end hand-knotted pieces, with casual appeal. Earth and muted tones in simple designs give this collection its unique look. Hand-loomed in India of 100% wool.
Gm-01 Denim
Gm-02 Brown
Gm-03 Sand
Gm-04 Paprika
Gm-05 Brown
Gm-06 Assorted
Gm-07 Carbon
Gm-08 Red
Gm-09 Brown
Gm-09 Green
Gm-10 Charcoal
Gm-11 Beige
Gm-11 Brown
Gm-11 Gold
Gm-11 Grass
Gm-11 Lagoon
Gm-11 Purple
Gm-11 Red
Gm-11 Sage
Gm-11 Tangerine
Gm-12 Charcoal
Gm-12 Lagoon
Gm-12 Oatmeal
Gm-12 Wheat
Gm-13 Charcoal
Gm-13 Copper
Gm-13 Sage
Gm-15 Blue
Gm-15 Brown
Gm-15 Rust
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