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Lil Mo Whimsy Dorm Room Area Rugs Collection
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Forest critters, retro robots and mod flowers, oh my! Quirky motifs combine to put 'Lil Mo Whimsy in a class by itself. Hand-tufted of soft mod-acrylic, this collection features hand-carving for added texture and a vibrant color palette to make it as fun as it is unique.
Lmj-01 Steel Blue
Lmj-02 Ivory
Lmj-03 Ivory
Lmj-04 Denim
Lmj-05 Ivory
Lmj-06 Ivory
Lmj-07 Grass
Lmj-08 Concrete
Lmj-09 Grass
Lmj-10 Sky
Lmj-11 Grass
Lmj-12 Town
Lmj-13 Lady Bug Red
Lmj-14 Arcade Black
Lmj-15 Honeycomb Gold
Lmj-16 Multi Baloons
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