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Maison Dorm Room Area Rugs Collection
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The Maison Collection hand tufted designs are inspired by the beautiful lost arts of the 18th and 19th centuries; stone and plaster ornamentations, hand painted friezes and baroque ceilings. Exquisitely detailed designs, and a velvety, luxurious pile combine to make this a very special collection.
Ma-01 Black
Ma-01 Burgundy
Ma-04 Grey
Ma-05 Olive Grn
Ma-06 Aubergine
Ma-06 Gold
Ma-08 Black
Ma-08 Blue
Ma-08 Green
Ma-08 Ivory
Ma-10 Coffee
Ma-11 Aqu Blue
Ma-11 Black
Ma-11 Ivory
Ma-11 Red
Ma-11 Sage
Ma-14 Ebony
Ma-15 Beige
Ma-15 Burgundy
Ma-21 Plum
Ma-26 Slate
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