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Brand:United Weavers
Color:Ash (350-05571)
Made In:Saudi Arabia
Construction:Machine-MadeMaterial:100% Synthetic (olefin/polypropylene)
Warranty:1 year - manufacturer

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

United Weavers offers a wide selection of inexpensive rugs for any decor. You will find contemporary designs and south western patterns, wildlife themes, kitchen looks, florals and more. Each rug is available in an assortment of sizes at a price you can easily afford.
Arrowhead Ash
Arrowhead Brown
Bear Tracks Ash
Bear Tracks Brown
Blocks Ash
Blocks Black
Blocks Brown
Canvas Ridge
Centerfield Ash
Centerfield Brown
Crossroads Ash
Crossroads Black
Crossroads Brown
Evergreen Ridge Ash
Evergreen Ridge Brwn
Fall Border Ash
Fall Border Brown
Ginseng Ash
Ginseng Black
Palm Trellis Ash
Palm Trellis Black
Palm Trellis Brown
Saugrass Ash
Saugrass Brown
Shades Black
Timeless Ash
Timeless Brown
Triton Ash
Triton Black
Triton Brown
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