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Meant to emulate the over-dyed and patchwork handknotted rugs that are so popular today, Vintage interprets this look in a power-loomed quality with hand-sheared finishing that gives each design the look of a distressed, antiqued piece. Made of 100% NZ Wool.
Vin-01 Indigo
Vin-01 Ombre
Vin-03 Raspberry
Vin-03 Sunset
Vin-04 Assorted
Vin-05 Grass
Vin-05 Raspberry
Vin-05 Sand
Vin-07 Charcoal
Vin-07 Raspberry
Vin-07 Sand
Vin-08 Tribal Gold
Vin-11 Raspberry
Vin-12 Assorted
Vin-13 Indigo
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